What is on your 2016 Workplace Resolution List?

  2015 has come and gone.  And as the first day of a new year begins, countless resolutions are professed to focus on health, success and often some form of discipline in an area of life. Personal resolutions are a wonderful reminder for the opportunity of second chances.   Whether it is the desire toContinue reading “What is on your 2016 Workplace Resolution List?”

Summer Leadership Series: Leading Under Fire

We welcome our friend Norma Shirk as a guest blogger this summer.  Norma is an expert in HR systems and policy.  She understands great leadership and offers her thoughts in our Summer Leadership Series. Building a successful team is never easy.  Managers and business owners who hire “yes-men” tend to ride their egos and a falseContinue reading “Summer Leadership Series: Leading Under Fire”

3 Feedback Tips that Propel your Team

Let’s face it.  The job of a leader is a tough one.  Days are filled to the brim with tasks; the emergency of the moment must be resolved; and someone needs your help them in some way.  Given the high demands of the day, your team’s most important need from you is often left undoneContinue reading “3 Feedback Tips that Propel your Team”

Life from a child’s perspective..you need it!

I had the privilege of spending some time with 3 special kids the last two weeks –  my 9-year-old nephew Joey and two little 8-year-old cousins, Sophie and Jillian.  So needless to say, I had a few days of nothing but play and you know what?  It was awesome and in fact, inspired this week’sContinue reading “Life from a child’s perspective..you need it!”

What creates your sense of business urgency?

Can you relate?  I was driving through town recently when a motorcycle cop pulled behind me and turned on his lights.  Much to my dismay, my tags were expired and it was his duty to let  me know…and write me a ticket. I had not received a reminder about my tags renewal and it justContinue reading “What creates your sense of business urgency?”