11 – Voice of the Customer Series – Part Two w/ Tony Bodoh

We continue our Voice of the Customer series with expert Tony Bodoh of Tony Bodoh International.  In part two Tony shares what businesses can do with the information they receive or gather from customers.  You can click here to listen to Part One before listening to this week’s episode.


Episode Notes

Customers reveal their core needs and desires to our business through a hidden language.  There are cues, likes and dislikes that influence their buying behavior.  When companies understand this language, they can create a unique customer experience the competition cannot replicate.  And a new level of loyalty follows.

Customer feedback will likely reveal both short and long term issues to address.  Businesses will gain credibility when they respond quickly to those issues that are easy fixes or changes.  For more complex issues a more strategic approach must be used to determine how those issues can be addressed.  In addition, it’s important for business leaders to listen to the feedback from the perspective of the customer – not from the business itself.

Key Ideas from our 2nd conversation with Tony:

  • Emotions dictate how your customers think about their impressions of your service experience.
  • There is no set formula for the amount of data a business needs before taking action.  Each point of feedback must be considered in context to the business.
  • For businesses starting with this process, read every piece of feedback to gain perspective on your customer’s impressions.
  • The research process typically follows a 2-hour, 2-day, 2-week and 2-week timeframes depending on how in-depth you want to understand what your customers think and feel.
  • Transformational success in your business will often involve a change in both thinking and actions of every person on your team.
  • A business leader must be very clear on the metric he wants to move forward to gain the best ROI from any customer experience initiative.  Start with the end in mind.

You can connect with Tony at www.tonybodoh.com

Voice of the Customer Series – Part One episode

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