What happens when PASSION meets PEOPLE

You know these people.  Individuals whose passion for what they do simply spills over into every experience they have with their customers.

I had the privilege of being around one of these people recently as I toured Angel’s Envy, a locally owned bourbon distillery in Louisville, KY.

Meet Allie.  She was our assigned tour guide and boy, did she provide us with a great experience of the distillery she calls a blend of her favorite things.

Great customer experiences can have many characteristics; and for anyone who works with the public on a regular basis, you can appreciate the nuances that can accompany your job every day.

So what made our experience with Allie so great?  Three things resonated with me that I believe can also be great tips and perhaps reminders for other businesses who strive to create those “great” encounters for customers.

#1 She made her workplace feel like her home.
What does that mean?  Getting a sneak peek behind the scenes of the distillery meant we progressed from station to station – and at times – room to room of the property.  Allie’s language invited us at each phase of the tour to join her in “our” or “my” viewing spot. Much like visiting a friend’s home, it’s as if we were touring her home.  Why does that matter? The sense of hospitality and welcome was felt no matter where we found ourselves which created a warmth to a visit that could easily feel like another group of customers getting a tour. 

#2 She stuck to the facts but made them personal.
For any “how to” tour, customers expect to learn how a particular product is created.  What exactly goes into a process or even what makes your manufacturing different. Angel’s Envy creates a unique type of bourbon so the specific steps in the process matter.  Allie ensured we got that part of the message; but in addition, she added her own personal touches that 1) helped you see the personal nature and diversity of fondness to their product, and also 2) it endeared Allie to us.  Her tour became a more personal experience and one that was much more memorable than a scripted exchange.

#3 She knew more than just the product; she knew the WHY too.
I share this last skill with you because, for me, it became the icing on the top to the depth of knowledge I walked away with about Angel’s Envy.  Allie is a “student” of the distillery.  She actively seeks out ways to learn about its history and unique attributes.  Perhaps that’s why there where many moments of “extras” we felt during our tour.  That level of detail doesn’t happen by accident.  It’s obvious she takes the time to really understand what makes Angels Envy different and as customers, how we can learn that as well.

Our tour ended but the conversation about our experience continued long after we left the distillery.  Now, isn’t that the goal for every business that creates customer experiences? 

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