23 – Why every leader needs a biz plan w/ Janet Rives

As the new year kicks off many businesses are hurriedly embarking on the year’s goals.  While that sounds great, many organizations are busy but the team is not necessarily aligned.   Our conversation with business expert Janet Rives offers some great tips to leaders to ensure activities are integrated from the top to bottom of the organization.  Regardless of your industry or business size, this conversation is for you.

Episode Notes

In our conversation Janet shares:

  • The definition of a business plan in today’s marketplace (hint, it’s easier than you think!)
  • How to cascade and connect the goals of the CEO to the employees on your team (answers the “why?” question)
  • Where to start if you don’t currently have a business plan (regardless of your job title)
  • How do you get started in creating a biz plan? (learn the basic components of great plans)
  • The biggest traps leader’s face with business plans (learn from others so you don’t make the same mistakes!)

Learn more or connect with Janet and her team at www.inplansight.com

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