Guest Post: 4 Things to Look for in Your 401(k) Service Provider

Every business should care about ways to help employees prepare for the future.  This guest blog from our friend and colleague Ivie Burns with Morgan Stanley offers some great advice about 401k plans. 401(k) salary deferral plans are among the most popular retirement plans today.   A 401(k) plan allows employees to “defer” a part of their pay. The deferred pay is deducted from an employee’s paycheck and is placed into the employer’s tax-qual

Guest Post: Business Transition – Plan Early & Communicate Often

Guest Post:  Business Transition – Plan Early & Communicate Often
Generational differences can create great opportunities and potential challenges for family-owned businesses who wish to transition the company. Our friend and colleague Ivie Burns shares some great tips for business owners. According to the 2016 U.S. Family Business Survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, only about 43% of private businesses have done any exit planning whatsoever.1 Failure to execute a business transition may lead to multiple negat...

Summer Leadership Series: Great leaders..great vision

Great leaders never lose sight of their objectives while fighting to achieve them. Because of their clear vision, they can change companies, governments, and even the world.  One leader who transformed our country was Chief Justice John Marshall, who presided at the U.S. Supreme Court from 1801 to 1835.  When Marshall became chief justice the federal judiciary was not respected. No one, least of all the president and Congress, considered the federal judic

Business Transition: Plan Early, Communicate Often

Business transition can be a difficult process without a plan.Our friend and colleague Ivie Burns provides some great advice to business leaders. A 2012 study concluded that about half of family business owners intend to pass the company on to the next generation.1  If you have yet to navigate the often choppy waters of transitioning the business to your heirs, or if you are about to embark on that journey, here are some of the potential pitfalls in tha

23 – Why every leader needs a biz plan w/ Janet Rives

As the new year kicks off many businesses are hurriedly embarking on the year’s goals.  While that sounds great, many organizations are busy but the team is not necessarily aligned.   Our conversation with business expert Janet Rives offers some great tips to leaders to ensure activities are integrated from the top to bottom of the organization.  Regardless of your industry or business size, this conversation is for you. Episode Notes In our conversati