33 – Your story matters w/ Jason Elkins

Connections matter.  In today’s marketplace, customers want a relationship with you.  It’s more than selling goods and services.  When customers feel that connection, relationship begins.  And that relationship creates loyalty.  In this episode, Jason Elkins with 100 Cups Consulting shares some insights to help you learn to tell stories that can change your business.

Episode Notes

100 Cups Consulting got its start as Jason met 100 business leaders over 100 days to learn what they do, why they do what they do, and what matters most.  It was through those cups of coffee, the role of authenticity was discovered.  100 Cups helps businesses connect with customers in a unique way.  They come alongside you to create and execute a roadmap to bring new life to your business.

  • Everything you say and do online should match and showcase the culture of your business.
  • Your digital marketing is just as important in applicant attraction as employee retention.
  • Company success in today’s marketplace means learning to tell your stories to both external customers and internal employees.  It’s where relationship begins.
  • Great stories include a focus on people, programs, pictures, posing [questions] and places.  Great digital content can be featured around each of these themes in a way that tells a unique story to your audience.
  • Customers respond and share great stories that included them.  They are endeared to you because of it.
  • Every business leader can tell good stories.  It does not require a creative skill.

You can reach Jason at www.100cups.coffee or @jason_elkins.

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