How many “thank you” languages do you speak?

thank youGracias.  Danke.  Merci.  Grazie.  Thank you.  How do you say it?  Every country and culture has a way of showing appreciation to others.

This week’s focus is simple.  On this week of the United States’ tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving, what a wonderful opportunity to remind us of its importance in the workplace as well.

Apart from it just being the right thing to do, leaders who focus on this part of his/her role often find several other benefits including increased loyalty with employees and volunteers as well as reduced cynicism and a more positive work environment.

Everybody desires appreciation in and for their work.
If your team works full-time, they contribute at least 2,080 hours of their life each year to their work.  Multiply that by each person on your team and you the math shows us quickly how much time and effort is spent in the workplace.  Most employees simply want that acknowledged – a thank you for both what they do and the effort to do it. 

Every employee has a preferred way they like to receive appreciation.
Authors Gary Chapman and Paul White were made famous with their “Five Love Languages” book.  In a recent work, “Five Languages of Appreciation,” they explore individual preferences for workplace affirmation.  Every person is unique so it follows suit that he/she also has a unique way they respond to thanks.  Some enjoy words of affirmation while others desire quality time with you.  Great leaders pay attention to the team and figure out the best way to connect with each person. 

Great leaders practice saying thanks daily.
Is this third point that straightforward and simple? Why, yes it is.  It doesn’t necessarily mean saying thanks to each person each day.  But if it warrants a “thanks”, by all means then, yes!  At the heart of it, great leaders are aware.  They are involved enough with the efforts of the team and they look for opportunities to acknowledge them.  Believe it or not, showing gratitude is a leadership skill.  And it is one most of us always have room to improve.

So from our house to yours, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for reading our articles, for doing business with us and for doing your part to make your workplace better.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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