3 Feedback Tips that Propel your Team

Let’s face it.  The job of a leader is a tough one.  Days are filled to the brim with tasks; the emergency of the moment must be resolved; and someone needs your help them in some way.  Given the high demands of the day, your team’s most important need from you is often left undoneContinue reading “3 Feedback Tips that Propel your Team”

Leadership Boot Camp: Forward Feedback

In this final week of Leadership Boot Camp, we tackle the critical skill of delivering forward feedback – the conversations that drive you closer to defined success.  In today’s fast-paced environment, specific, meaningful feedback can be very difficult to accomplish.  But without it, your team will never move to the next level which means yourContinue reading “Leadership Boot Camp: Forward Feedback”

Leadership Boot Camp: Seek Clarity

On  scale of one to ten, how do you measure up?  If a “man on the street” interview was held with each member of your team, how would they answer this question:  Based on feedback from my supervisor, how is my performance?  I suspect answers would vary.  Some would say, “I know I’m doing wellContinue reading “Leadership Boot Camp: Seek Clarity”

Conflict avoided: the “secret” formula

It’s just a matter of time.  When two (or more) people work together for very long, conflict WILL happen. It’s a fact of life. But how that conflict is handled – or better yet prevented – can make or break a great working relationship or team.  Effective teams figure out how to talk about anContinue reading “Conflict avoided: the “secret” formula”

How many “thank you” languages do you speak?

Gracias.  Danke.  Merci.  Grazie.  Thank you.  How do you say it?  Every country and culture has a way of showing appreciation to others. This week’s focus is simple.  On this week of the United States’ tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving, what a wonderful opportunity to remind us of its importance in the workplace as well. ApartContinue reading “How many “thank you” languages do you speak?”