Between a Tow Truck and a Touchdown: Great Service Wins

There are some things in life you can’t schedule.  Car trouble is one of them.  But when that event does happen, a good customer experience is something you hope for.  Meet Vidi.  He’s a driver with AAA and he’s the inspiration for this customer experience success story.

My car suddenly gave me problems one evening driving to a Vanderbilt football game.  By the time we made it to the parking lot it was evident I would no be driving home.  And now the dilemma:  I knew the car needed to be towed but we bought tickets to the game.  How could I arrange the tow but coordinate timing with the ballgame.  Sounds crazy, but it was a real decision-making quandary.

And that’s where dispatch (Brittany) and my driver Vidi saved the day.

They felt my pain.
I called AAA at halftime.  Not sure how I would explain my situation, dispatch immediately recognized my dilemma when I gave her my location.  She quickly asked who was winning and what great weather we had for the game.  Then she told me she understood my frustration with when to arrange the tow truck.  She said she would delay the call until the 3rd quarter of the game so the truck’s timing would coincide as close to the end of the game. They felt my pain and understood the inconvenience of my car trouble and put me at ease.  That’s great service.

They put me at ease.
When Vidi arrived, he was all smiles (keep in mind, it was 10pm). He also acknowledged the inconvenience of the timing and location of my breakdown but also quickly asked about the game to lighten the mood. And from that moment, Vidi led the conversation.  He actually distracted me with his banter from the worry of how much car repair would cost and the fact that was late.  We discussed the game, our hobbies and even the next day’s schedule – all while he loaded up the car and completed all of steps for the pick-up.  He put me at ease during a frustrating situation. That’s great service.

They took care of me.
What could have been a very frustrating and expensive night turned out okay.  Brittany (in Dispatch) got the ball rolling by coordinating timing as much as she could to not mess up my evening.  And Vidi knew the technical steps of loading the car so well he was able to talk to me while he worked and got me taken care of as quickly as possible.  Bottom line.  They solved my problem.  That’s great service.

So, what about your team?  When customers present their problems, how well does your team respond?  Do they exude empathy?  Do they create peace of mind? And can they solve the problem?  That’s three ingredients of great customer service – regardless of your business.

So my service was a winner.  I just wish Vanderbilt had won the game too.

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