What is your “One Thing” for 2014?

BeckyThere is just something about kids and Christmas.  They bring a magic to the season like nothing else.

Meet my niece Becky. She’s ten years old and all girl.  Pink is one of her favorite colors. She knows the lyrics to most Johnny Cash songs and has already told her Nana what dessert she wants for her birthday dinner in February (brownies with ice cream).

But most of all she loves Hello Kitty. And the Christmas items with that kitten’s face were at the top of her list.  So..being the good aunt I am (insert award here..HA!), she received Hello Kitty for Christmas. And I must admit, the hat looks adorable on her.

She knows what she likes and what she wants.  Could the same be said of you?

In 2014, consider this challenge.  Strive for one major goal that will “fill in the blank” – make you wiser, more profitable, a better leader, improve your leadership, and the list goes on.

We often talk about New Year’s resolutions and while those have merit, I will discourage you from thinking about this goal in that context.  Most new year’s resolutions  start with great intentions but unless resolve and execution occur, many wane after a few months.fill in the blank – make you wiser, more profitable, a better leader, improve your leadership, and the list goes on.

So what makes your “one thing” different and more importantly, how do you create and sustain results?  These four actions must occur:

Be specific.
There are many things you “can” do in the coming year. But what are the few items that will make a real difference in 2014 for you?  This goal is likely a catalyst for even greater success.  So be specific in identifying an area of growth this year.

Take action each week.
Intentionality is the key word here.  Make a plan for your goal.  Know what your want to accomplish so you an determine the necessary steps to get there.  Then do something every day or at least each week that will get you closer to your goal.  It’s the power of step by step that will create your progress.

Measure your results.
“What gets measured gets done,” may sound like a cliche but it’s true.  Don’t just think about the end result but rather what smaller milestones should your strive for that will ultimately reach the greater goal?  As you reach those baby steps, celebrate! Why?  It’s a big deal and it is the very thing that keeps you going.

Create accountability.
Finally, you need a “big brother” – not because you are not honest but because you are human.  Who do you trust that will keep you honest and focused on your progress?  Choose a regular time or date and report your progress.  This intentionality keeps you focused and often applies the right pressure to revive the energy you need to keep going.

2013 is almost a vapor.  How did you measure up? I hope it was a good year for you. If not you are hoping for a better 2014, here’s your chance.  Your Hello Kitty awaits!

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