Are you an Upside Down Leader?

upside downAre you breathing yet?  The last twelve months have not been easy for most every business. Finally, for many companies, a short breather is occurring as the economy continues its slow recovery.  We are clearly not out of the woods yet but progress can be seen across the country.  Companies are beginning to hire again and a willingness to pursue growth and take risks is on the rise.

As the dust begins to settle an interesting truth for leaders is emerging:  the skills that got you HERE may not take you into your FUTURE.  Ouch! This is a tough statement, but a true one.

Why? Recent job market stats show that attrition (voluntary resignations) is expected the balance of 2013 and into 2014.  Employees have staying in their current jobs because there simply hasn’t been anywhere to go. But now that companies are beginning to hire again, employees are ready to make the leap and take a chance for something better.

The number one reason most cite as their reason to leave their current employer is poor leadership.  For leaders, new skill sets must be developed to ensure your business can sustain this new future.

In this short blog series, we will dive into what it means to be an upside down leader. And we’ll begin with some basic definitions:

  • upside down:   turned over completely; inverted
  • leader:  a person who guides or inspires others

Are you ready? Yep, we may step on a few toes along the way but the ultimate end is the opportunity for a self-assessment that yields real business results…sustained results.

So, what can you expect in the next 3 weeks?  Check out these topics:

  1. Turning flips: Two sides of the same coin
  2. Tackling your Top Ten
  3. Leadership 3.0:  The six skills you must expand to survive

Let’s get upside down!

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