Leadership Lessons at 12,000 Feet

There’s nothing quite like the Colorado Rockies in the winter.  I recently had the opportunity to spend a few days skiing on Copper Mountain.  It was quite cold but the views were beautiful.  Since I don’t ski regularly, I typically take a lesson on the first morning to get my ski legs back under me. Continue reading “Leadership Lessons at 12,000 Feet”

Twelve leadership quotes that will sharpen your saw

I had the opportunity recently to attend the Global Leadership Summit hosted by Willow Creek Church in Chicago, Illinois.  For two days I had the opportunity to slow my world down, be a student, and focus on the tools in my leadership toolkit.  During the conference more than 15 speakers took the stage to shareContinue reading “Twelve leadership quotes that will sharpen your saw”

Three leadership lessons from green Skittles®

I love Skittles®.  In fact, I use them as a fun prop in some of Organization Impact’s workshops.  After all, who doesn’t love candy?  Today’s article is proof that learning can occur ANYWHERE…even in a bag of Skittles®. I distributed a snack pack of the candy to each participant prior to our session and toldContinue reading “Three leadership lessons from green Skittles®”

Summer Leadership Series: Personality Riddles

Finding the “right” employee is one of the most difficult tasks for any company.  The new hire must have the technical skills and expertise to do the job. Of course, figuring out this part is a matter of having a well-crafted job description that identifies what the employer truly needs. The much harder task isContinue reading “Summer Leadership Series: Personality Riddles”