A Helium-filled Customer Service Experience

A friend of mine had a special birthday recently that really called for the works.  You know…surprises, cake and of course, balloons. So in preparation for the big night, I ordered a bouquet of balloons from my local Publix to be picked up on my way to the birthday dinner. I arrived and requested theContinue reading “A Helium-filled Customer Service Experience”

Detroit Airport: Game. Set. Match

A recent client visit took my travels through the Detroit airport.  It was a week night and my connecting flight was departing from the last gate at a different terminal (Gate 77 to be exact). Anyway, on the trek to my gate, I couldn’t help but notice how clean the airport was.  No trash, polishedContinue reading “Detroit Airport: Game. Set. Match”

What do your Walking Billboards Say?

My job puts me puts me on the road a good bit.  Well, actually, at times, it also places me in the air.  I’m one of those frequent fliers.  And like any good business traveler, I have my favorite airports, car rental companies and airlines. A recent business trip put a spotlight on one ofContinue reading “What do your Walking Billboards Say?”

Customer Service Doesn’t Have an Expiration Date

I find myself in Panera Bread Company® a good bit.  In the age of coffee shop meetings, many of my business meetings occur here. I had an interesting experience in one of its locations occurred last week I have to share. I was meeting with a new colleague so before our conversation began, we waitedContinue reading “Customer Service Doesn’t Have an Expiration Date”