Three secrets to amazing customer experiences

How often do “amazing” and “service” go together for you when you are the customer? Sadly, not enough for most of us.  But this past week it happened to me.  And when you have an amazing customer experience, you have to share it.  And you guessed it, there are some best practices every organization canContinue reading “Three secrets to amazing customer experiences”

When Service Overshadows the Product

I was in a small town recently with my family and had one of those service experiences you just can’t make up.  I won’t mention the city or restaurant because truthfully, we could probably replace its name with many other examples.  Here’s the funny thing…the food was great…the service, not so much.  And indifferent enoughContinue reading “When Service Overshadows the Product”

Would you like fries with that apology?

Isn’t it funny? We teach our children to importance of two important words.  As young as 4 years old, a little boy or girl learns the importance of saying “I’m sorry” when they hurt someone on the playground. It’s interesting is that on the adult playground of the workplace, those two words still ring true.Continue reading “Would you like fries with that apology?”

What do your Walking Billboards Say?

My job puts me puts me on the road a good bit.  Well, actually, at times, it also places me in the air.  I’m one of those frequent fliers.  And like any good business traveler, I have my favorite airports, car rental companies and airlines. A recent business trip put a spotlight on one ofContinue reading “What do your Walking Billboards Say?”

Being Real with Your Employees: They Can Handle It

2010 is quickly coming to a close. And as organizations prepare for the coming year, the reality of the economy’s “new normal” workplace is clearly evident. A “new normal” can mean many different things. For some it means the continuation of employees doing additional job tasks due to staff not being replaced. And for othersContinue reading “Being Real with Your Employees: They Can Handle It”