Guest Post: A lemon into LEMONADE

When great service occurs, you have to share it! Thanks to our friend and biz partner Dennis Jackson for this week’s guest post. This spring my wife and I were traveling back from Texas to Tennessee.  After a long days drive we decided to call it a day in east central Arkansas.  There were manyContinue reading “Guest Post: A lemon into LEMONADE”

How a Cookie Created a WOW Customer Experience

Have you been there? You finish a delicious meal, are satisfied and even “full” and the server entices you with dessert. That happened to me recently, and I must tell you, the way the experience unfolded created a WOW customer experience moment. Meet Mandi. She’s works at Blue, one of Marriott’s dine-in offerings at its Savannah, GeorgiaContinue reading “How a Cookie Created a WOW Customer Experience”

Service with a side of Heath Bar!

Nashville really has some great entertainment options.  I recently saw Beauty and the Beast at TPAC and of course, dinner before the show made for a perfect evening.  We chose Demos’, a downtown favorite for locals.  Everything on the menu is great but honestly, I go for the salad and bread (awesome combo).  We hadContinue reading “Service with a side of Heath Bar!”

3 things every customer wants

Have you been there?  You get 10 minutes down the road and realize you left something on in the house…that “oh no!” moment.  We’ve all been there right?  I had a business version of that recently and thanks to great customer service (and Brandi), my day was saved. My “oh no” moment happened somewhere betweenContinue reading “3 things every customer wants”

Montana & steaks: Where customer service collides

“I’m not gonna lie to you, it’s the best steak I’ve ever had.  And that’s saying a lot from a girl born and raised in Montana.”  That’s just one phrase that made dining at The Boat Club such a memorable experience.  Yes, the steak was delicious as was everything else we ate that evening.  ButContinue reading “Montana & steaks: Where customer service collides”