Where are you looking for transferable skills?

I’m learning that the more you look for examples of learning, innovation and even best practices, the more you will find them. In fact, they are there for the taking. I was dining recently with some colleagues at a great little place near Nashville called Local Taco. Our server that evening was Hien.  He wasContinue reading “Where are you looking for transferable skills?”

Failure Lesson Four: You’re the Old Dog who Won’t Learn New Tricks

We’ve all heard the expression, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.  I’ll admit.  I’ve never tried…at least with an actual 4-legged pooch.  But I have experienced this:   A four-year-old is told to pick up her toys.  Instead of an obedient response, she begins to stomp her feet, jump up and down and yellsContinue reading “Failure Lesson Four: You’re the Old Dog who Won’t Learn New Tricks”

Do you feel like “The Fugitive” at work?

Many movie enthusiasts remember this 1993 American film based on the television series of the same name.  Dr. Richard Kimble, “The Fugitive”, comes home one night to find his wife fatally wounded by a one-armed man, and though he attempts to subdue the killer, the man escapes. A lack of evidence along with several otherContinue reading “Do you feel like “The Fugitive” at work?”

New Managers: Do you have these four skills in your toolkit?

Congratulations!  You made it.  You got the promotion.  You finally earned the title you’ve had your sights set on.  Now what? The truth is many new managers experience a real challenge in finding their niche in their new role. The primary reason for frustration is understanding that the skills that earned the promotion are notContinue reading “New Managers: Do you have these four skills in your toolkit?”

Would I follow me?

 The actions of several industry leaders have made recent headlines.  The flood that swept across Nashville, TN in May brought Mayor Karl Dean to the forefront.  The oil spill that continues to destroy the Gulf Coast has brought BP’s CEO Tony Hayward to center stage.  And the actions of many leaders on Capitol Hill continueContinue reading “Would I follow me?”