29-Three Tips that Keep your Head on Straight

As leaders, we can expect to face situations that tend to “push our buttons” in the workplace.  The habitual tardy employee, the person who continually sees the glass half empty regardless of the situation and even the subtle trouble maker can get the best of us if we are not proactive when faced with theseContinue reading “29-Three Tips that Keep your Head on Straight”

Three Reasons Everyone Should Give Back

I had the privilege to go skiing at Winter Park Resort recently (in fact, this visit also inspired one of our latest service success blogs).  Another experience there also provided amazing inspiration.  Winter Park Resort is home to the National Sports Center of the Disabled (NSCD).  While there, I got to witness their incredible storyContinue reading “Three Reasons Everyone Should Give Back”

Want to develop your critical thinking skills? Act like a 4 year old

I recently spent some time with the cutest little four-year-old.  She’s the daughter of two good friends and we hang out from time to time.  Not only is she a blast but I usually learn something about myself when I’m with her.  You know, kids will do that. Meet Allie. She’s a bright, funny, in-chargeContinue reading “Want to develop your critical thinking skills? Act like a 4 year old”

Entrepreneur Village: No one over 22 years old allowed

The title of this article may not be exactly accurate but there is some truth to it.  I had the opportunity to visit Belmont University’s 2nd annual Entrepreneur Village recently and must say it was one of the most inspirational days I have experienced.  But to understand that statement you must walk into the village.Continue reading “Entrepreneur Village: No one over 22 years old allowed”