Three Ways to Pave the Way for your Team in 2010

Well, it’s here. 2010 – a new decade. As January moves into full swing, I want to encourage you to energize your team for the year ahead.

It’s no secret that 2009 was a difficult year for many people. The economy created uncertainty (and still does to an extent), jobs were lost in most every market sector (you probably know someone who faced unemployment), and what is to come this year has most people wondering.

Quite honestly, I think a sentiment exists among many people they are simply glad a new year is here which means 2009 is history.

So, as the leader of your team – whether you are in a corporate market, non-profit sector, or a ministry environment – you have the opportunity to engage those who work with you and equip them for this exciting and yet-to-be year.

Here are three quick messages to share with your team:

1. We are going somewhere.
Share with your team your vision for the next 12 months. What initiatives are we pursuing? How are we managing expenses in this continued tough environment? How are we connecting with our customers? How did we finish 2009 and how will that impact the business in the coming months?

2. Here’s how and where you fit in.
Stability comes in large part, when individuals understand their role in helping a larger group reach its objective. It answers the questions – why do I do what I do and does it really matter? Stop and take the time to help them connect the dots. Personal productivity is guaranteed when this equation clicks for someone.

3. What’s the score?
It’s difficult to keep score when no one knows what the finish line looks like. When vision is continually communicated with your team, the natural next step is to talk about progress to your goals. Take the risk to be accused of “over-communicating” with your team. Now, that’s a great employee complaint to receive.

People connect with a cause, goal or initiative they understand. “Work as usual” is a difficult mindset to grasp after the difficult year everyone has survived. So take advantage of this month and perhaps, do things a bit differently.  The result?  A different 2010.

Oh, and will you tell me how you are doing along the way?

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