“Your raise is effective when you are.”

Harsh title right?  Yes.  But let’s face it.  Isn’t that what you would love to tell employees who nip at your heels continuously looking for a raise?  However, it’s usually not the employee who is a self-starter and exemplary team player who asks that question; but instead the one who exemplifies the exact opposite.

As leaders, how often do we ask the same question?  Because the truth is, our manager has the same message to us.  Effectiveness.  What does that mean? 

One online dictionary defines effectiveness as producing the intended or expected result.  While there are many attributes a leader must possess and demonstrate to produce effectiveness, these four rank at the top of the list:

1.  Eye on the Goal
There is a “finish line” for this leader.  He has a clear vision of where the team, division or organization is going and forges the path to the destination.  This allows a clear focus for the team and most importantly, helps them know what to say “no” to as they pursue the goal.

2. Manage Uncertainty
A new normal exists now. There are no guarantees in market conditions, customer preferences and even employee loyalty.  The ability to navigate uncertainty is critical for the sanity of the leader.  It doesn’t mean he likes it; but he isn’t rattled to the point it stops him from moving forward each day. 

3.  Intentional Conversation
This leader talks.  And it’s not idle chatter.  He is intentional in keeping the team up to speed on its progress to the goal.  Surprises are avoided at all costs.  He has created an environment that encourages questions and multiple feedback loops from every shareholder in the process.

4.  Right Seat on the Bus
Jim Collins’ bestseller “Good to Great” hinges on the importance of alignment of each person’s skill and role on the team.  That means, the effective leader is extremely picky about each hire.  And beyond that, provides the feedback along the way to ensure the right fit continues.  Those crucial conversations include growth and sometimes a difficult decision.  But this leader is willing to step up and make the call, no matter how tough it is.

Four skills that take a lifetime to master. Find someone in your world who is demonstrating these skills (and that may mean four different people).  Study them, learn from them and hone these skills in yourself.  Your effectiveness will multiply.  And that “your raise is effective….” statement will never be an issue.

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