24 – Three Things Your Team Needs from You

This week’s episode provides a great follow up to our conversation with Janet Rives and her business plan tips for leaders.   Communication was an integral part of our conversation.  So in this week’s episode, we’ll talk about some specific items your team needs communicated from you.  And we’ll provide some action steps with eachContinue reading “24 – Three Things Your Team Needs from You”

Do you know the pulse of your team?

We’ve all been there.   The setting?  Your doctor’s office.   The purpose?  Your annual physical.  Your excitement?  You would rather be ANYWHERE else. During that one hour exam, we are poked and prodded as the physician captures the information that tells him or her how your health measures up.  Our heart rate, blood pressure, and otherContinue reading “Do you know the pulse of your team?”