Hockey Pucks and Honesty – Are you in the Penalty Box?

Professional sports events often include half-time events that invite fans to the floor with a chance to win a prize.  Well, did you hear about the celebrity hockey game in Minnesota last week?  It included one of those “win a prize” contests but had some surprise endings. Nate and Nick Smith are 11-year old identifyContinue reading “Hockey Pucks and Honesty – Are you in the Penalty Box?”

A Gloved Apology…Leadership Lessons from the Golf Course

Quick Quiz:  When was the last time you did something – intentional or by mere accident – that required an apology?  More importantly, when is the last time you said “I’m sorry.”? These two words can be some of the hardest to say; yet they are two words that can work magic in the circlesContinue reading “A Gloved Apology…Leadership Lessons from the Golf Course”

For leaders, integrity is never “on sale”

Can you really put a price tag on integrity?  And if so, how much are you willing to pay? The sports world was abuzz recently over the actions of pro golfer Brian Davis.  Davis was facing Jim Furyk in a playoff at the Verizon Heritage, and was trying to notch his first-ever PGA Tour win.Continue reading “For leaders, integrity is never “on sale””

Who is on your personal board of directors?

Corporations have them.  Public utilities answer to them.  Executives are asked to participate on them.  A Board of Directors.  The body of oversight that typically governs the organization by establishing broad policies and objectives, reviewing the performance of the chief executive, and accounting to the stakeholders for the organization’s performance. This group of individuals guidingContinue reading “Who is on your personal board of directors?”