Guest Post: 5 Ways to Make Your Estate Plan Dispute Proof

Our friend and colleague Ivie Burns offers business leaders and owners some timely advise to protect your estate. What do Howard Hughes, Leona Helmsley and J. Howard Marshall (of Anna Nicole Smith fame) have in common? All had estates that were hotly contested by named or would-be beneficiaries. In fact, disputes over a Last WillContinue reading “Guest Post: 5 Ways to Make Your Estate Plan Dispute Proof”

How “sticky” are your goals?

2016 is here! And with it likely comes great plans for your team or company in the coming year.   I wonder what your world is like as the new year unfolds?  Are you refreshed from the holiday season and ready to begin strong?  Do you have a clear plan for January (and even FebruaryContinue reading “How “sticky” are your goals?”

Why planning for the future starts now

Leaders come and go.  It’s part of the ebb and flow of organizational life.  But what happens when the key executive exits through tragic circumstances?  That very thing happened to a mega church in middle Tennessee and the way this organization has prepared and walked through (and continue to) provides a lesson for us all.Continue reading “Why planning for the future starts now”

19 – Employees: Know why they stay & leave w/ Danny Nelms

We recently had the opportunity to be on location at The Work Institute and spend time with its president Danny Nelms. The Work Institute is a workforce research and intelligence company.  Through surveys and other services companies can identify, understand and take action on the elements that influence employee retention which directly impact the bottomContinue reading “19 – Employees: Know why they stay & leave w/ Danny Nelms”

Three Lessons from The Gap’s Logo Change

Have you been watching the retail world lately? Specialty retailer The Gap, Inc. has made interesting headlines. Last week, in an effort to update the brand, a new logo was unveiled. However the negative public response shocked the company. The new logo was selected via the crowd sourcing technique – where tasks, traditionally performed byContinue reading “Three Lessons from The Gap’s Logo Change”