Success is Always in the Details

For college basketball fans across the country, this season’s March Madness has not disappointed!  This year’s tournament has resulted in most top-seed upsets in tournament history.  You can see the score and bracket results here. UConn (3rd seed) and Butler (8th seed) will play Monday, April 4th for the national championship.  Sports analysts say it’sContinue reading “Success is Always in the Details”

It’s Always Sunny in Florida and other “Truths”

I had the privilege of taking a quick getaway to Florida with my parents recently. Two days in Florida (when you don’t live anywhere near the ocean) is always a great escape.  To get to hang out with my parents was the icing on the cake. And it was.  Sunday and Monday were beautiful withContinue reading “It’s Always Sunny in Florida and other “Truths””

Failure Lesson One: Three Sure-Fire Ways to Lose your Followers

So much is written about how to be an effective leader. I thought it would be interesting to do a “failure” series. Sure, no one sets out to be a poor leader but sadly, it happens too often. So, in the next few posts, we’ll explore leadership behaviors that are sure to bring failure. LearnContinue reading “Failure Lesson One: Three Sure-Fire Ways to Lose your Followers”

Being Real with Your Employees: They Can Handle It

2010 is quickly coming to a close. And as organizations prepare for the coming year, the reality of the economy’s “new normal” workplace is clearly evident. A “new normal” can mean many different things. For some it means the continuation of employees doing additional job tasks due to staff not being replaced. And for othersContinue reading “Being Real with Your Employees: They Can Handle It”

Are you packing feedback grenades?

In today’s business environment, time is a commodity.  And in the “new normal” of downsized companies and limited resources, many leaders are finding themselves both doing the job as well as managing those who are doing it. So when the need to provide constructive feedback arises, leaders must find a way to have this importantContinue reading “Are you packing feedback grenades?”