Titans and Ravens: Three Lessons from LP Field

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Nashville, Tennessee and the second week of the NFL season so I joined about 65,000 of my closest friends to watch the Titans take on the Baltimore Ravens.  As opening kickoff approached, thousands of fans flooded the stadium. And in the sea of Titan blue many fans clothedContinue reading “Titans and Ravens: Three Lessons from LP Field”

The Magic of 30 Minutes with a Five Year Old

I would like to introduce to you a creative, out of the box thinker.  No organization has nabbed him yet, but it’s just a matter of time…about 15 years to be exact. Meet Joey, my 5 year old nephew. How do I know he has imagination? I spent 30 minutes alone with him in aContinue reading “The Magic of 30 Minutes with a Five Year Old”

Four Tips To Keep Your Head on Straight

When was the last time this thought went through your brain, “If he is late one more time, that’s it, I’ll blow my top!”? It’s the classic scenario of how difficult it can sometimes be to remain the leader you want and need to be in the workplace. However, we can’t escape the brutal facts:Continue reading “Four Tips To Keep Your Head on Straight”

Leadership: Are we there yet?

It’s that time of year..family vacation time.  Is your childhood filled with memories of family vacations? You know the kind where everyone loaded into the family station wagon as you embarked on the long journey to wherever your memories would be made that year.  Do you remember the actual road trip?  The sightseeing along theContinue reading “Leadership: Are we there yet?”