Remarkable Service is Defined One Degree at a Time

Let’s face it.  Dining out is entertainment. Enjoying a nice meal with friends or family is a great way to spend the evening. While the company you keep is critical, the environment and service will either make or break the experience. I love meeting service professionals who simply do their job well. You can spotContinue reading “Remarkable Service is Defined One Degree at a Time”

Service Recovery: It Always Starts with the Right Attitude

Meet Steve Camp. If you don’t know him yet, you will want to after reading this story. I recently hired Steve (Steve Camp Construction) to install tile floors in several rooms of my home, including the bathrooms. The last items on the punch list for completion involved reconnecting the toilets in the house. So picture it. Continue reading “Service Recovery: It Always Starts with the Right Attitude”

Is Your Customer Experience Accidental?

Here’s a question to ponder:  Why do some companies seem to ebb and flow almost effortlessly in customer interactions and others get tangled up with difficulties and frustrate customers? I recently bought a MacBook Air (yep, my world is changing) and I was amazed how smoothly the Apple team took care of and walked meContinue reading “Is Your Customer Experience Accidental?”

When Service Overshadows the Product

I was in a small town recently with my family and had one of those service experiences you just can’t make up.  I won’t mention the city or restaurant because truthfully, we could probably replace its name with many other examples.  Here’s the funny thing…the food was great…the service, not so much.  And indifferent enoughContinue reading “When Service Overshadows the Product”