Why you want your team to LOVE their job

Have you traveled through an airport lately? If so, you know the drill when yo approach security: no dispose of all liquids, remove your shoes and ensure your carryon gels can fit inside this quart-size bag.  Necessary words, but a hum-drum atmosphere usually surrounds the TSA area.  Passengers just want to get through the experienceContinue reading “Why you want your team to LOVE their job”

Catch the Olympic Spirit in your Organization

The Olympic spirit was at its height this past week with the Opening Ceremonies of the 2014 Winter Olympics. Sochi, Russia was on display for the world as over 2,800 athletes completed the processional to officially kick off the Olympic games. I don’t know about you but there is just something about seeing our nation’sContinue reading “Catch the Olympic Spirit in your Organization”

Three secrets to amazing customer experiences

How often do “amazing” and “service” go together for you when you are the customer? Sadly, not enough for most of us.  But this past week it happened to me.  And when you have an amazing customer experience, you have to share it.  And you guessed it, there are some best practices every organization canContinue reading “Three secrets to amazing customer experiences”

Customer Service Math: 2+2=5

I spend a great deal of time in coffee shops and I must admit Panera has become one of my favorites.  Free and convenient wifi, spacious seating and a great food menu in addition to numerous beverage options. Recently, I met a colleague at the Smyrna, TN location and before our meeting began, I approachedContinue reading “Customer Service Math: 2+2=5”

How many “thank you” languages do you speak?

Gracias.  Danke.  Merci.  Grazie.  Thank you.  How do you say it?  Every country and culture has a way of showing appreciation to others. This week’s focus is simple.  On this week of the United States’ tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving, what a wonderful opportunity to remind us of its importance in the workplace as well. ApartContinue reading “How many “thank you” languages do you speak?”