How Deep is Your Bench?

For sports fans, this is a fun time of the year.  The countdown to the Super Bowl is underway, college basketball is getting into full swing and the college football championship is a distant memory. For me personally, I like the excitement of it all, but really have an affinity for college basketball.   However, theContinue reading “How Deep is Your Bench?”

Can we talk?

Former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt is credited with the statement, “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; and small minds discuss people.” Interesting thought, isn’t it?   As I think about this statement, I am challenged personally by its implications.  On a given day, what is the focus of my conversations?  As a leader, weContinue reading “Can we talk?”

Is it possible to communicate too much?

Human nature is an interesting case study.  In the absence of information, we tend to create our own.  Think about it. How often do we hear sentences that begin with, “Well, this must be what is going on.  They would tell us otherwise…”.  Or.  “I can put two and two together and this is whatContinue reading “Is it possible to communicate too much?”