3 things every customer wants

Have you been there?  You get 10 minutes down the road and realize you left something on in the house…that “oh no!” moment.  We’ve all been there right?  I had a business version of that recently and thanks to great customer service (and Brandi), my day was saved. My “oh no” moment happened somewhere betweenContinue reading “3 things every customer wants”

What is your customer service domino effect?

Dominoes.  Remember the childhood game designed to gain points by placing matching tiles end on end?  Or perhaps instead you spent hours creating the perfect sequence only to tap the end tile and see each domino topple one after another in perfect precision. The latter is today’s focus.  And a recent business trip inspired our story.Continue reading “What is your customer service domino effect?”

Your Employee’s Story = Your Biz’ Story

Everyone has a story.  I think we sometimes forget that.  On a recent ski trip to Colorado, I had the pleasure of meeting several employees at the Winter Park Resort who took great care of our group.  When you have a remarkable experience – particularly in resort towns – it’s interesting to learn the choicesContinue reading “Your Employee’s Story = Your Biz’ Story”

Swimming in Crab Bisque – The Best Compliment You can Receive

Restaurants near the beach are always unique.  Menu items you can’t get anywhere else and the freshest tasting seafood around.  A recent trip to Orange Beach with friends took me to Shipps Harbour Grille.  The 45-minute wait gave us some time to hang out so we waited at the bar and decided to order anContinue reading “Swimming in Crab Bisque – The Best Compliment You can Receive”

What’s in a name? Coke knows..one beverage at a time

Perhaps William Shakespeare said it best, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Everyone on the planet loves to hear their name. And the Coca Cola Company is helping many customers see their name in lights…or on a bottle and in the meantime, isContinue reading “What’s in a name? Coke knows..one beverage at a time”