29-Three Tips that Keep your Head on Straight

As leaders, we can expect to face situations that tend to “push our buttons” in the workplace.  The habitual tardy employee, the person who continually sees the glass half empty regardless of the situation and even the subtle trouble maker can get the best of us if we are not proactive when faced with theseContinue reading “29-Three Tips that Keep your Head on Straight”

Three reasons why every business needs an “Angel”

Think about your last dining experience.  Now name three adjectives that describe that experience. Here’s the catch.  If you are the customer,  those three words describe your feelings about that experience.  If you are the business, those three words likely determine whether that customer will return to your business.  It’s a sobering thought in theContinue reading “Three reasons why every business needs an “Angel””

Team Check-Up: How healthy are we?

Today’s episode we’ll explore the health of your team.  When was your last check-up?  While monthly financials communicate the metrics of the business, it is important to remember that those metrics are created daily by individual members of your team.  The check-up is completed by recognizing each individual’s health ensure those monthly and annual goals goContinue reading “Team Check-Up: How healthy are we?”

25 – Connecting the Dots of your Biz w/ Dennis Jackson

Businesses today must find ways to make sense of all its data in a way that drives its performance.  The team at WorXSolutions does just that.  We sat down recently with Managing Partner Dennis Jackson and talked about some innovative ways his team is connecting the dots for small and midsize businesses. Episode Notes OrganizationsContinue reading “25 – Connecting the Dots of your Biz w/ Dennis Jackson”

Employees..three ways we lose them

Labor Day ushers in what many describe as the official end to summer. For many organizations, it means a day off for employees and a 3-day weekend. So as we get back into the swing of a full week after this holiday, it’s fitting to pause and remember why celebrating employees more than just oneContinue reading “Employees..three ways we lose them”