A Gloved Apology…Leadership Lessons from the Golf Course

Quick Quiz:  When was the last time you did something – intentional or by mere accident – that required an apology?  More importantly, when is the last time you said “I’m sorry.”? These two words can be some of the hardest to say; yet they are two words that can work magic in the circlesContinue reading “A Gloved Apology…Leadership Lessons from the Golf Course”

“Your raise is effective when you are.”

Harsh title right?  Yes.  But let’s face it.  Isn’t that what you would love to tell employees who nip at your heels continuously looking for a raise?  However, it’s usually not the employee who is a self-starter and exemplary team player who asks that question; but instead the one who exemplifies the exact opposite. AsContinue reading ““Your raise is effective when you are.””

What are your non-negotiables?

I’m a fairly regular donor for the American Red Cross.  When I was ten years old, I was in a terrible car accident which forced me to need blood.  So, ever since, I give.  Until recently that is.  Here’s how it works. If you’ve never donated blood, let me fill you in a bit.  BeforeContinue reading “What are your non-negotiables?”

Would I follow me?

 The actions of several industry leaders have made recent headlines.  The flood that swept across Nashville, TN in May brought Mayor Karl Dean to the forefront.  The oil spill that continues to destroy the Gulf Coast has brought BP’s CEO Tony Hayward to center stage.  And the actions of many leaders on Capitol Hill continueContinue reading “Would I follow me?”

Who is on your personal board of directors?

Corporations have them.  Public utilities answer to them.  Executives are asked to participate on them.  A Board of Directors.  The body of oversight that typically governs the organization by establishing broad policies and objectives, reviewing the performance of the chief executive, and accounting to the stakeholders for the organization’s performance. This group of individuals guidingContinue reading “Who is on your personal board of directors?”